Community Connection Services

Community Connection Services (CCS) is a suite of state of the art financial products that provide your business with financial services and self-service account information via the Internet. A completely scalable solution designed to fit the financial needs of all businesses.

Community Connection System

Community Connection System is the foundation for all Community Connection Services. This system allows you to view account information (balances, check images, etc), place stop payments, make transfers between accounts, initiate wire transfers and pay your bills online. The system has the ability to establish individual user security including dollar amounts and requires two employees to perform a transaction.

ACH Origination

ACH Origination allows you to improve your cash flow and lower costs. By using ACH origination for direct deposit of payroll you can streamline your payroll process and lower your cost. Direct debit for collection of payments, monthly dues or rent can help improve your cash flow.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a service designed to protect your business from potential check fraud. All you have to do is provide the bank with an electronic file of issued checks. The bank will store this file on our computer system and compare it to items being presented for payment. If a match exists the item is paid, if no match is found you make the pay or return decision.

Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation is designed to work in connection with Positive Pay or stand alone. By providing the bank with an electronic file of items issued on your account, we can provide you reports of paid items, issued items and outstanding items. We can also provide a file of posted items that can be loaded directly into your accounting software.

BAI File Processing

BAI File Processing can provide you with a daily transaction file, in the BAI/BAI2 format, that can be used to move funds from one account or bank to another.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange allows vendors to make their payments via ACH. When your vendors ask you if they can pay you directly, say yes. We can provide you the payment information attached to their ACH transaction.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is a deposit product that allows our commercial customers to make check deposits to their account at First Community Bank without leaving their office. Simply purchase a very inexpensive check scanner and attach it to your PC. Then log on to our Community Connection Services website and scan the checks. The scanned checks are converted into a Check 21 file and processed by our ImageCentre software. Your account gets credited and we process your deposited checks electronically.

MasterCard Community Pay Card

MasterCard Community Pay Card is a stored value payroll card for un-banked/un-bankable employees of your business. The card is a prepaid, stored value MasterCard debit card, with the ability of being used at any merchant that accepts MasterCard Debit cards. In addition, the card can be used as a pinned debit card for pinned POS transactions and cash withdrawals at ATM machines. This program allows your employees to benefit from banking services provided by a MasterCard branded card without having a bank account. Your business will also benefit from a reduction in your overall costs of processing payroll. This program allows employers to take advantage of direct deposit for all employees and as a result reduce their costs. Direct deposit will eliminate the need to purchase and issue paper checks. In addition account reconciliation of the payroll account becomes a faster, easier process. As a result, the overall cost of processing payroll is reduced.

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